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    This site is about horses and has been created to help everyone from the amateur to the trainer with helpful information about horses that everyone should have or know whether you are looking to buy your first horse or just wanna show off to others that you know more than what meets the eye. This is an Equestrian community I would like you to be comfortable in and hopefully learn from each other and from me with all the advice, tips, and secrets that will be revealed to you here. You will be able to learn basic horse grooming techniques how to body clip a horse, which training bits to use in training horses,  know  which supplements are best to use such as BioEquine horse supplements, & so much more.  With your patients, as I have so much information to give you, I will try to build this site to your needs and please don't hesitate to ask for any information you may need. You will find my Web Store full of  the #1  true and tried online horse supplies and the best training aids available compared to the cheap horse supplies that you get what you pay for. 

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