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Posted by Nicole Nauss on January 24, 2014 at 8:40 PM


Bandages are ordinarily used for two purposes- firstly, for keeping the limbs warm, and secondly, with the object of keeping the legs fine; of course, too, they afford support to injured ligaments and muscles in cases of injury. For the first of these purposes flannel bandages should be used, but for the two latter linen are the best. In all cases the legs should be rubbed before the bandages are applied, in order that proper circulation of blood is ensured and that the limbs are comfortably warm. It frequently occurs that they are put on too tight, in which case the circulation is impeded, and should the legs swell or the bandages shrink, the skin may be cut by the tapes and the horse marked for life. If applied wet, as in cases of inflamation, they should be kept damp by repeated attention, for when they become dry they are apt to get very hot. Consequently, it is best to use a cool, dry bandage the last thing at night, reserving the wet ones for day treatment, when the horse can be better attended to; but it may be added that an outter layer of oiled silk will assist in keeping them moist for several hours. Bandages should never be put on too tight, because of the above-mentioned tendency of the legs to swell a little, and besides this, it must be remembered that every subsequent layer of bandage after the first exercises increased pressure upon those beneath it. They should be kept rolled up with the tapes inside, and when put on, a bandage should lie along the outside of the cannon bone with the end pointing towards the knee. The lower part of the leg above the fetlock should be first dealt with and the bandage wound round it in an upward direction, until the end near the knee is almost reached. This end should then be turned down and the bandage wound round it and tied a few inches below the knee or hock. In cases of emergency a good temporary bandage can be made out of stockings split down lengthways at each side so as to form a long narrow strip.

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